Our projects

The bio-filtration is economically complement only to the existing projects. The main purpose is to help to achieve the neutral result in the balance of CO2 emission which arise by burning of biomass in the Energetic centre.

By the burning of the biomass arise practically the same amount of CO2 as it was a consumption by photosynthetic process in project of bio-filtration (arise of organic mass).


Arising of the plant (algae) mass together with burning of the bio-mass make from the point of view of balance of CO2 practically the closed loop with the cycle-time of about 10 till 15 years which correspond to the average time of production of plant mass.

Utilisation of bio-filters increase the effect of decreasing of CO2 even further because of catching and absorbing of this atmosphere gas in bio-filters. Afterwards they will be sold for the market-price for the following usage of their potential in other industrial branches.


Utilization of the bio-filters :

  • Food industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Medical (medicinal) industry