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TissueProject ECK is following up by project of production of rolls of tissue paper which is semi-finished – product for personal hygiene article (toilet paper, tissue, napkins, wipes etc.). These roll of tissue paper are dedicating for sale to the producers of hygiene article in Central Europe.

Situation on market

The consumption of tissue papers in the Czech Republic is now over 100 000 tons per year and the trend is increasing (for example in the year 2006 was the consumption 80 000 tons).The production of the tissues in the Czech Republic is now 6 000 tons per year which covers about 10% of the requirement only. This has the negative influence on the business balance with the tissue papers. We are planning to produce 20 000 – 25 000 tons of tissues – the amount which is missing on our Czech market and in imported from abroad - in accordance with a unique technology. Our project helps not only to save expensive transport costs but also help to decrease the negative impact on the environment.

Significant decrease of the energy consumption in production of the tissue papers is also very important factor for the economic success of this project.

Another very important factor is the today´s good situation on the central Europe market with this commodity and the reduction of a production capacity in CZE due the crisis.

BOR Biotechnology renews the section of the production of the tissue paper which in CZE in the past nearly vanished. This come back of this production is possible due to the unique method which allows to gain not only electricity, thermal power, gas and steam but this method enables to use them for adaptation of the cellulose as the basic raw material for the production of hygienic tissue papers.        

Impact on environment

We gain all necessary energies for the production of maternal rolls of "tissue" paper  by the waste wood regeneration. This recycling method is very exacting on the full use of the thermal (heat) energy and usually the efficient is low. We are able to use this thermal energy with the efficient number of nearly 95% against standard cogeneration units which are losing 30% and sometimes even more of thermal energy.

All necessary energies needed for production of the semi-finished material for the production of tissue paper (electricity, steam, gas) are fully gained from renewable sources – from the basic raw material which is biomass. And we repeat again these raw materials we use without any rests.

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